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Premiered:June 12,2001

Airs:Monday 9pm on TNT

Premise:A gritty policewoman(Yancy Butler)
uses a supernatural weapon to battle evildoers.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher
July 11,2001
Yancy Butler
Politically Incorrect

Biker Goddess
Yancy Butler talks about
doing her own stunts,
bruises,and Witchblade.
Tough Chick

For some reason I thought
it was another actress on
Politically Incorrect,until I
was quickly reminded I had
said,"Oh,the babygirl with
the "bedroom" eyes is on."

Yancy Butler
Aided by her exotic
good looks as well as
her acting chops,Butler became the
action babe du jour with
subsequent roles in Drop Zone,Fast Money.
Breaking away from the
action genre she also
added titular psycho in
The Ex to her resume.
Top Selling Yancy Butler Films
Hard Target(1993)
Drop Zone(1994)
The Ex(1996)

"The Ex" gives
Rebecca DeMornay's
"The Hand That Rocked
The Cradle"
a run for its money!