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Wonder Woman meets Xena:Warrior Princess
Rated R:Strong language,adult content,violence



"What the fuck?"
Looking down at his hands,covered with blood and a glock near his feet.Jess jumped to his feet,stunned and dazed.His right leg was hurt,he pulled up his sweatpants to inspect the damage.Just a bit bruised but he would be alright,he thought to himself.He could hear police sirens in the background,getting closer.As his vision cleared and he surveyed the scene,he noticed a body not to far from his car.He slowly walked over with his weapon drawn,"HEY..you alright over there?" he yelled as he slowly made his way closer to the body.
He was close enough to softly kick the foot of the individual with his.
"Hey mister!Are you hurt?" he screamed.
No movement,not even a budge,he carefully went to the right side of the body,he leaned over and slowly turned the body over.Jess jumped back and gagged,what had he done?

In far but not to distant place,the isle of Themyscira
Or better known as Paradise Island.
A great amazon warrior watched and for the life of her could not understand why men treated other men or other living creatures as wicked as this.
As a young girl growing up,Diana was way ahead of other young amazons in such skills as archery,the javelin,shields,martial arts and swords.
From the corner of her eye,she could make out an individual slowly approaching her."Why do you care so much for those humans?" said the voice."They hurt,kill and steal from each other and yet you still want to protect them." the voice added.Diana slowly turned towards the voice and said,"How long have you been standing there,in the shadows,watching me?"
The voice laughed softly and emerged,it was her sister Donna Troy.
"Well,I was never good playing hide and go seek.But I do have the power to read people's thoughts.I have always found your thoughts so provoking." said her sister.
Donna walked closer to Diana and put her hand on her shoulder."You are so much like mother Diana,but yet you still do not see that the humans seek pleasure in destroying than love."

Diana slowly took her hand and kissed it.
Diana:"I fear something worse is coming,something that I might not have the power to stop."
Diana:"More powerful than Ares and the other Gods.Something created by man that they have lost control of."
Donna:"And how is that our problem,Diana?"
Diana:"Mankind is our problem,after what this creature will do to them.It will than come after us."
Donna:"And we,the Amazons will destroy it."
Diana:"No,by the time it gets to us,it cannot be destroyed.It must be destroyed on earth."
Donna:"Diana,you alone cannot defeat this creature...."
Diana:"I know,I have been observing a warrior princess..who might be able to help"
Donna looked at Diana sternly and perched lips and blurted out,"No,you cannot trust that woman in helping you.Mother would forbid it,she has killed as many humans and...."

"You would have to go back in time" added Phillipus."Are you prepared to go back in time to find this Warrior Princess?"
Phillipus the next in command of Phthia's Amazons,after the killing of Phthia.
She became a mercenary and was merciless with those she had captured.She had grown cold and a skilled assasin of the Gods.
"What makes you think Xena:Warrior Princess will help you?" Phillipus asked.
Diana walked towards Phillipus who was dressed in her battle armor and said,
"I don't...I'm hoping her friend can assist us,in persuading her to help."
Phillipus cradled Diana's face in her hands and gently kissed her on the lips,
"She won't help you..."

Diana gently pushed Phillipus away from her and walked back over to look into the sky.
Phillipus walked towards Diana as Donna looked on,in the background.
"Ask me,Diana...and I will help you."
Phillipus gently touched Diana's gorgeous black hair,that reached down to the middle of her back.She gently whispered into Diana's ear,"If you ask me,I will help you".
Diana turned around and firmly said,"And with this help,what will you want from me in return?"

On a journey back from the village of Amphipolis,Xena and Gabrielle stop at the local village to rest for their long trip back to Greece.
Gabrielle:"Xena,why don't we take the long way back,so we can enjoy the scenary?"
Xena:"I thought you was in a rush to get back...or did you forget about your scroll presentation?"
Gabrielle:"Why no,but I would like to just enjoy a quiet and peaceful walk home with you for a change.So,we can talk..."
Xena:"We always talk,or you always talk"
Gabrielle:"That's the point,I always talk,I would like you for once to talk to me."
Xena:"What are we doing now?
Isn't this talking,Gabrielle?"
As Gabrielle and Xena walked through the market,Xena felt that they were being followed.
Xena:"Gabrielle follow my lead,I think we have an admirer"
Xena stopped at the fruit display and than started heading towards the end of the dock.Gabrielle not far behind slowed down enough to duck behind the fish stand,the stranger was so fixated on Xena they didn't notice that Gabrielle was gone.
They continued to follow Xena until they could no longer see her,taking off her black hood,Phillipus cursed under her breath,"How could I have lost her...?"
Before she could finish the sentence,Xena had grapped her from behind,spun her around and had her hand firmly clasped on her throat
Xena:"You didn't lose me,I don't like being followed by people I don't know.Especially people with black hoods!"

"The Goddesses created us as the chosen race,we would in time,teach humanity,intergrity,and a peaceful coexistence,as such has been taught to us by Gaea,The Earth Mother"

@Copyright Protected
March 2002
Lauryn2000 in NYC

  Named Wonder Woman after a warrior the previous era in man's world ACT II
As Gabrielle ran to Xena,she recognized Phillipus and yelled at Xena to let her go.Xena loosened her grip on Phillipus's throat as Phillipus growled through her clenched teeth,"You ignornant bitch,you are totally clueless with who you are fucking with!"
Xena growled back,"I see your mother didn't teach you a thing about respect,maybe I should teach you..."
Gabrielle grapped Xena's arm and said "Xena,please let her go".Xena looked at Gabrielle and back at Phillipus,she loosened her grip and pushed her to the ground.Phillipus jumped up to her feet,drew out her sword,she immediately made a step towards Xena.Gabrielle got between Xena and Phillipus in an attempt to calm down both warriors.She held her hand out for both of them to stop,"Please,would the two of you STOP IT!" she ordered.
Both warriors backed off,Phillipus put back her sword and Xena removed her hand from her chakram.
Xena:"What do you want,Phillipus or whatever you call yourself."
Gabrielle:"Xena,this is the leader of Phythia's amazons of Paradise Island.She had led one of the biggest campaign's of conquest and war against all men."
Xena:"Well,she's kinda of far away from home,what do you want and why have you been following us the last couple of days?"
Gabrielle looked stunned,she had no idea they had been followed for that long.
Phillipus:"I am here to ask a favor of you.."
Xena:"You must be mad.."
Gabrielle:"Wait,Xena let her finish if she is asking a favor of you,it must be of importance."
Phillipus:"Of course it must be,why would I need help from a poor man's warrior princess?"

Wonder Woman
Diana Prinze

Xena:Warrior Princess

Gabrielle was finally able to get the situation under control,long enough for the three of them to sit down and listen to Phillipus.

Phillipus:"Diana,our amazon champion who had defeated the War God Ares when he went mad in Patriach's world.Has been given the task to fight a demon that is far to strong for her to defeat,but...with the help of Xena.This demon of the underground can be defeated and no harm will come to the "daughter" of the "firstborn" of the amazons.This demon had defeated her mother Hippolyta,despite Hippolyta's other gifts from the Gods,there were things that still made her vunerable.She had the strength of ten amazons and the wisdom of the Gods but this demon was still able to harm the "firstborn" of the amazons.I do not want this fate to happen to her daughter,Diana."

Xena:"So,why don't you help her?"

Phillipus:"She has not asked me,I cannot help her unless she ask me.To help her without her blessing would be disrespectful to the Gods."
Xena:"Well,you know alot about respect don't you?
Let's go Gabrielle,I've heard enough"
Gabrielle:"Phillipus...the Amazons and Diana are much stronger than Xena.How come you can't defeat this demon?
Xena stood up and started to walk back towards the village,mumbling loud enough for them to hear,"Don't make your problem,my problem"
Phillipus:"Xena,this will be your problem since this beast will destroy your kind first"
Gabrielle turned to Xena with the look of concern,"I will help you" she said to Phillipus.
Xena turned around and gave Gabrielle a stern look,"I knew you would say that.."
Phillipus:"Diana was mistaken,it is Gabrielle the battling bard who is the fierce one"
Gabrielle trying hard not to blush,"They know about me..on Paradise Island?" she asked
Phillipus:"Of course,your a fine woman Gabrielle and a trusted friend,any Amazon would be proud to stand by you in battle
Xena:"Enough of this foolishness already,Gabrielle is spoken for..you got that!"
Phillipus smirked at Xena and knew right away she had hit a sore spot.Xena walked closer to her and said "You think this is a game,tell me one thing,what's the real reason why Diana won't let you help her..huh?"
Phillipus:"My love for her she feels will distract the task at hand,that I have other motives than saving your kind"
Gabrielle:"Well,do you?
Phillipus looked into Gabrielle's blue eyes and touched her cheeks
Phillipus:"The eyes are the windows to the soul...your eyes"
By this time Xena had enough of this touchy,touchy,feely,feely and snatched Phillipus's hand.
Xena:"Look into my eyes and tell me what you see?Don't see nothing?Ok..I'll tell you..I don't trust you,I can see why this Diana doesn't trust you,but if you put your hands on Gabrielle again,your going to see why the Gods don't trust me...got that!"



Wonder Woman