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Once Bitten,Twice Shy
"I'm not part of any hidden agenda.
You've got to trust me.
I'm here to help you and solve this."

It was nine years ago she had spoke those words to her partner,
Special Agent Fox Mulder.
Not knowing how deep or how much her life and
career at the FBI would change...
and not for the better.
As she sat at her desk she thought if there was any *right*
way to tell Mulder she was leaving the FBI.
As the phone rang,she hesitated in answering it.
What was the point?
It was either report to Skinner's
office to be an alibi or another X-File case,
that would never be solved much less believed.
Agent Monica Reyes looked at Agent Scully,
"Are you planning on answering the phone,Agent Scully?"

Agent Scully snapped out of her dream like trance,
"Oh,yeah..I didn't hear it.."she said as she answered the phone.
"Agent Scully"
On the other end it sounded like
Agent Mulder but with the
terrible reception she couldn't tell.
Mulder:"Scully,go to Dulles,your ticket is waiting for you...
your going to meet me in California,at....

Scully:"Mulder,I can barely hear you..California?
You want me to meet you there?
What on earth for??"

Mulder:"Because we have demons to chase,Scully.C'mon ever since I've been back
you've been acting like you don't want to be around me....."
Scully held the phone and took a deep breath,
"Mulder,I can't do this anymore,I really need to talk to you,
I'm not going to fly to California."

Mulder held the phone,feeling unsure of what he was hearing,he laughed and said,
"You know,your right
this connection is bad...why don't I go to California..alone
and when I get there,I'll give you a call.
But your ticket will still be at the counter if
you get that urge to come out here..we can lay on the beach,
naked and sing "whale songs".
I know how much you appreciate a..."
Before Mulder could finish his sentence,Scully hung up.

Monica Reyes walked over to Scully's desk and placed
her hand on her shoulder.
Reyes:"Why won't you tell him?"

Scully:"I will,it's just I need the right moment..."

Reyes:"I'm thinking you don't want to tell him."

Scully:"How do I tell him after what we've been
through the last nine years,that...
...Walter and John are lovers??"

Reyes gently removed her hand from Scully's
shoulder and walked over to the front of her desk.
Trying not to laugh,Scully arched her eyebrow
and said,"Oh,don't tell me you didn't know??"
"It has to be the worst kept secret
in the bureau...John and yourself haven't?"

Reyes:"Oh no,no,I had an idea
he was seeing someone...but Skinner??
But,you really need to tell
Mulder that you're leaving the FBI."

Scully could tell that the news,
of Skinner and Doggett being
lovers was a shock to Reyes.
She was trying her
best to get off the subject
of her leaving the FBI and the X-Files.
But after all,everyone knew Walter and John
were lovers.They would meet after
hours and you could never find,either of
them on weekends.
Scully felt relieved because it took the pressure off
of Mulder and herself.
Especially now that she was having feelings for somebody else,
someone who appreciated her,
and always put her first instead of themselves.
This is who Scully wanted to be with,
Scully looked back at Reyes,she thought
how wonderful it felt to have someone
actually say,"I love you,Dana",and not
feel like she was competing with extraterrestrials.
But Reyes was right,she had to tell Mulder,
that she was leaving the X-Files and FBI for good.

"Are you ok?"

Scully:"Yes..I'm very okay,come to think of it."

Reyes:"Something you might want to
talk about?You know I can sense these things,
when something more is going on..."

Scully:"Have ever wanted to tell someone
just how much you loved them
But were afraid??"

Reyes:"Of course,but if you don't tell
them,they'll never know,now will they?
It's best to tell the person,in my opinion."

Scully:"Monica,I have always felt something between the two of us..."
Before Scully could finish,Reyes interrupted her.
"Dana,I hope your not going to say
you want us to be together?"

Scully:"And if I was..would you have a problem with that?"

Reyes:"Well,yes in a way,I'm currently seeing someone.."

Scully:"Shit,I just put my foot in my mouth,didn't I?"

Reyes:"No,no,I feel we should be together.
I always have,but I'm seeing Shannon...


Reyes:"Oh please,she's not a super soldier.
We just threw that out there
so men wouldn't hit on her.
It was putting a strain
on our relationship.So we
cooked up,the whole super-soldier story.
Please,don't tell me that
you actually believed that crap??"

Scully:"Well,yeah...but Monica,didn't she drown
with Knowle Rohhhhrrrr?"

Reyes:"Ha,ha,good Doggett impersonation Dana.
Shannon pulled that stunt off pretty well,
didn't she?We've been living together
ever since Doggett wrote her off and filed
her case away.I knew we would
never go back and try to figure out that water mumbo-jumbo."

Scully was now the one, that
was in shock,and all this time,she thought
Monica Reyes was hot and heavy after her.
I mean how did it..."

Reyes:"What attracted me to her?
Well,I knew something was different about her,
when I saw her down here in the basement.
I couldn't help but turn and look at
her as she got off the elelvator,well..
me and the other males.
I was praying I didn't out myself,in my
moment of weakness but I couldn't resist."
Scully chuckled and shook her head,"Wow,and all this time...

Reyes:"It's not serious,I've always
been in love with you.
And when I told you,
that I was in love with you,it was
from my heart.
I prayed
that one day you would finally see
Mulder for what he really was..."

Unknown to Scully or Reyes,someone
had slipped an inter-office envelope under the basement's door.
"Oh...what's this?" Reyes asked,as she got out of her chair
and went over to
pick up the envelope.
"Are they still slipping stuff under the door?" asked Scully.

"Apparently so,Dana." Reyes responded as she opened the envelope.
Scully looked on with her one eye brow arched.
She started tossing newly sharpened pencils into the ceiling.
"So,is it anything we need to rush out to investigate?" Scully asked.

Reyes looked stunned and instead showed
Scully the front page of the newspaper
and the attached magazine clipping.

"How did this get out to the media??"
Scully asked hysterically.

Agent Reyes smiled as she studied the magazine
cover."Nice tits,Dana" she said while holding back her laughter.

Through her anger,Scully sternly looked at Reyes and said "Those fucking shippers,can't leave well enough alone.
Wasn't good enough to have a child out of wedlock but this has gone to far!"

The phone on Mulder's desk had started ringing,"Agent Scully"...

"Scully...it's me..Mulder"

Scully rolled her eyes and looked at Reyes.Reyes reached over and put the call on speaker phone."Hello,Agent Mulder."Reyes said.

"Mulder,someone slipped this magazine under the door..."

"Scully,if it's my Penthouse,just stick it in my desk".Agent Reyes snickered,and said "It's a little bit more complicated than that Agent Mulder."


Agent Dana Scully & Agent Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder is a believer in supernatural phenomena with a consuming passion for a group of unsolved cases known within the FBI as the "X-Files".
Dana Scully a skeptical by-the book agent with a degree in medicine and a strong bias toward the scientific.

Ralph Hemecker Executive Producer of Witchblade
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