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Hail To The King:Bruce Campbell

Now,that the foolish X-Files has come
to an end,I will be able to focus more on
the Witchblade TNT Series
I've been an X-philer until
the beginning of season nine
and realized what a mess this show had become.
I should have stopped watching after season six.
I'm seeking therapy now for what Chris Carter has done to that show.
Which is why I will not do Witchblade recaps and episode,blah,blah,blah.
This site is purely for updates
on the series and actor/actresses that appear on the show.
It's good to enjoy watching Yancy Butler play,Sara Pezzini
She just made watching sci-fi fun again!
Though my true love is Buffy The Vampire Slayer,and the beheaded..oops
belated Xena(season 1-3.5),which went horribly wrong by season four-five.
Witchblade has potential,with a little more tweaking and please
no more "it never really happened" plots,
this series could end up being a serious contender down the road.
Also,I have found my childhood once again by reading
Justice League,Wonder Woman,DareDevil and Elektra comic books
But it's always good to see more women
in the lead role kicking ass on television!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Xena:Warrior Princess

I'm also trying my hand in fanfiction
which is a hell lot harder than what it seems.
You won't find any erotica,xXx here,that's not my style
plus you'd be better off visiting
another site than reading my attempt at writing one
because in the end you'll end up seeking therapy.

September 11,2001
We will never forget!

I'm a former U.S Army Engineer(81C10)
and was stationed with the 584th Engineer Bn
The Dirty Thirty
Ft.Belvoir,Va 1986-1991
And was a Deputy Sheriff
Army Nickname:Little Bit
Because I'm only 5'1 and 115 pounds
I'm now a professional photographer
when I'm not enjoying sci-fi shows
during my off hours
and enjoying the view of Manhattan......
I shot the photo of Bruce Campbell a few years ago.
Probably one of the friendlist (B)actors out there.
Much love goes out to the men and women
of the NYPD and FDNY
When New Yorkers were running away to safety,
they were running into danger.