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"It All Comes Down To This"

Everything can happen in a New York minute,or that's what we are lead to believe.As she laid in her boxer shorts and white tank top,her muscular body stretched across the bed.
How could she not think of her that way?
The way a lover feels about another after a night of bliss?
Except nothing happened,Gabrielle was exhausted from the night before and just needed a place to crash.A shoulder to cry on,someone that would just listen to her and the pain she was feeling.
She felt safe with Sara,they had known each other for years.And though she knew Sara,she really didn't know Sara Pezzini.Behind that witty and bright exterior,lay a dark past,a hurting soul.

It was early in the morning,the sun slowly rose aross the horizon.It seemed so calm,like nothing crazy happened the night before.Gabrielle walked over to the window in her baggy gray sweatpants and NY Liberty white t-shirt.Letting the warmth of the sunrise rest upon her face.Sara awoke,with her hair across her face and whispered."What time is it and why are you up?"
Gabrielle turned around and walked over to the side of the bed and sat down.She closely looked at Sara,examining her hazel eyes and wondering what was it about her that attracted her so much?

"Why the hell are you looking at me like that?I told you I'm no princess in the morning." Sara said.
Gabrielle smiled and responded,"No,you look sexy with your hair all over your head like cousin IT."
Sara Pezzini laughed nervously,since she didn't know exactly how to take the compliment.
"Sexy?You know you should really leave the rum and coke alone.Your starting to sound like a crazy woman."

Sara rolled the flannel blanket around her,feeling a bit insecure with the situation and her own feelings.
Gabrielle felt awkward,this was all new to her though she felt she's been here before.Maybe it was the rum and coke but this was a feeling she had been feeling for awhile and couldn't shake.
Sara took her hand and said "Hey,it's alright.I'm here for you,I'll always be here for you.You know that right?"
Gabrielle looked into Sara's eyes and knew she would never hurt her and was safe with her though she still couldn't get over her pain for someone else."I know,my past is my past except I don't remember it.You'll just think I'm crazy if I start talking about being here before,so I'll stop before you have me committed." And they left it at that.

Sara had to get up and get ready for work.Being a New York City detective wasn't easy but it paid the bills and she wanted to be so much like her father.
Gabrielle understood her devotion for her job but wished Sara would get into something not so dangerous.She worried especially after Sara inherited this weird ass looking bracelet."So,Sara what's the deal with the bracelet?Family heirloom?Or something one of your secret admirers gave you?"Gabrielle asked.

Sara looked down at her wrist as she pulled up her jeans and zipped them up."This thing?It got attached to me some how and don't ask me how.Because I don't remember,I wish I did though.Weird shits been happening to me since I've had it."
Sara grapped her leather jacket and helmet.Garielle walked over towards the door and placed her hand on the doorknob.Sara placed her hand on top of Gabrielle's,she deeply looked into her eyes and said,"I'm here for you,I want you to know that"
Gabrielle looked back into Sara's eyes,licked her lips and responded "Sara,I want to make love to you."

March 2002
Copyright Protected
Lauryn NYC

Who is Elektra?

Frank Miller's dark,moody portrayal of the blind Super Hero fighting the corrupt underworld of New York,run by the Kingpin,captivated comic fans.

It was during Miller's run that the
character Elektra was introduced.

Elektra was a wealthy diplomats daughter that dated Matt Murdock while he
was in law school.After her father was assassinated,she was driven to become a ninja assassin for the Hand.

Returning years later,Elektra caught the attention of Bullseye,a psychotic hitman famous for his ability to turn any object into a weapon.The two became bitter rivals for the position as the Kingpin's top agent.

The rivalry eventually led to a brutal confrontation that only one would walk away from.

Daredevil #181 captures this dramatic battle and the climax to the classic storyline.

The epic tale of Bullseye vs.Elektra is without a doubt one of Marvel's Greatest Moments!

Assassin,lover,enigma,driven by tragedy and honed by training,the femme fatale known as Elektra.Kills for hire,loves for thrills and leaves detruction in her wake.
Elektra Bio

I'm sitting here at the internet cafe on 42nd street in New York City waiting for an interview with Sara Pezzini.
We've been having a slew of unexplainable deaths in the Village and I wanted to see if I could squeeze some information out of her.She owes me one anyway for giving her a heads up on that jewelery heist that went down a few months ago.
The coffee in this joint is nasty as hell.I look at my watch and get concern since I feel I've been stood up....again.
I hear a husky female voice in the background ask for me and as I turn around I see Pez walking my way.She gives me the nod and puts her helmet on the table and sits down.

Sara:"You need to pick better places for us to meet.Downtown traffic is a bitch at this hour.What do you have for me on these deaths in the village?"
Me:"Well,I didn't say I had concrete..."
Sara:"Your freaking kidding me,you had me come all the way down here to waste my time?"
Annoyed and a little pissed,Sara pushes back her chair.
Me:"Wait,I didn't say I didn't have anything.I have something but I don't know if it relates to your case?"
Sara:"I have two dead gay guys in the morgue,stop bullshitting me and tell me what you have!"
Me:"My source has informed me that the guys that were killed had information on the credit card scam that has hit certain stores in the Village hard the last few months"
Sara:"Credit card scam?Tell me you have something more that that!"
Me:"This is deeper than your measly ass credit card scam artist.That's just the cover they use.I think they are smuggling infected,clone body parts"
Sara:"What's this science fiction crap your trying to feed me?
Do I look that damn stupid to you,to even consider believing this load of crock?"
As I sat there with nothing more to add,Pez grapped her helmet and walked off literally pissed.

What was I suppose to do?
I didn't know anything else to help her,Pez will figure it out,she always does.

Sara Pezzini made her way down to 23rd street on Fifth avenue where she was waiting to meet with an informant.I hate following her around but this is the only way I can get to the heart of the story.
Who the hell is this woman?
Every one I ask won't speak about her or can't stand the air she breathes.
The usual comments besides "No Comment"
Are the ones that claim Sara Pezzini just isn't a team player.

Sara has her own set of rules.
Rules that usually get people killed.

As I watched Pezz from across the street.I can't help from thinking the chance I was taking with my own life.The people she was tracking down where dangerous as well as faceless.Anyone who had seen them,never lived to tell about it.And here I was attempting to write an exclusive by *stalking* Sara Pezzini to get to the killer.
Suddenly,a black suped-up Honda Civic pulled up to the curb where Pezz is standing with techno music blasting from the speakers.
A young asian man stepped out of the drivers side,wearing a black leather coat,jeans and black boots.He was a slim gentleman with a short military crew cut.
As I was able to get clearer look at the gentlemen.
I was stunned to see it was Ming Tien,the unholy offspring of Ming Tzu and Lao Ma.
I could not believe Pezz would trust this man,a man who had murdered his own mother.

All Wrongs Reversed
"You one sexy bitch,your momma ever tell you how.."
Sara quickly punched Ming Tien in the face,as he doubled over,she snatched him by the neck and whispered."You must think I give a rats ass if I kill you right here,right now,in the middle of the day,in downtown Manhattan..."
With his face covered with blood,he mumbled,"BITCH..I think you broke my NOSE!"

Sara Pezzini:"Than sue me.."

Ming Tien:"Bite me,bitch!"

Sara dragged Mien Ting to the back alley
slamming his face into the concrete wall,
in the process.

"I'm getting really tired of your foul mouth,
maybe if you swallow some of your teeth,
you will have something else to worry about..
...like choking?"

Out of the public's view,Sara releases
her hold on Mien Ting.
Ming Tien:"You know you should do something about all that
built up frustration,Sara.
And did you have to hit me so hard?"

Sara Pezzini:"Well,we want it to look real,right?
You know with your rep and all being on
the line and talking to a cop."

Ming Tien:"True,true but it's not like your
paying for my doctor bills,with these
beat downs either."

Sara Pezzini:"What information do you have for me?"

Ming Tien:"Man,this is some off the wall shit
your going to have to get into.
I don't think you wanna tangle with this.."

Sara Pezzini:"Ok,who's the cop here?"

Mint Tien:"Alright...lady cop,the chicks name is Callisto,blond,tall,
she's deep in this and I do mean deep.
You find her and you pretty much have the killer..."

Sara Pezzini:"Where do I find this Callisto?"

Mien Ting:"Down at the pier,there's a club
called Femmes Fatale,she hangs out there
like it's her second home"
Sara nods her head and starts heading towards
her motorcycle.
Mien Ting yells out while rubbing his right cheek
"YO,Sara...this bitch is pyscho..you might want
to bring some backup

Sara Pezzini:"I think I can handle one chick,Ming"

Ming Ting:"Not this one,you might want
to get your lady friend with the garden
tools to help..

Sara:"Those aren't gardening tools and
her name is Elektra,like I said
I can handle...Callisto.
But I'll send Elektra your regards"
Sara started her motorcyle and took off for the Village.
Ming Tien emerged from the ally,mumbling under his breath
"Ah hell,don't give Elektra my regards
I don't want her sticking her forks
in me asking if I want it
rare,medium rare,well done or just dead."

Sara Pezzini pulled up to the corner Christopher Street.
Removing her helmet and turning off the ignition,
she parked her bike and headed towards
"Femme Fatale",with house music blaring, a few women
were hanging outside of the club.
Sara made her way through the crowd and towards the bar,
scanning the crowd in the process.
A very attractive,athletic,slim,dark brunette,carefully observed Sara as
she made her way through the crowd.
Sara finally made it to a table towards the end
of the club and sat down.
Shortly,the waitress headed towards Sara
and handed her a drink.
Sara looked up and said,"Oh,that's ok.I didn't order anything."
Waitress politely responded,"Compliments of the woman with the red sash at the bar."
Sara looked towards the bar,but saw no one
that fit that description.
"Someone buys you a drink
and all you can say is dammit?" said the female voice.
Sara turned around,she was a little
stunned but not shocked to see her.
Sara:"Elektra,why am I not surprised?"

Elektra:"But why am I?"
Elektra made the gesture to sit down,Sara nodded
but looked uncomfortable.
Elektra:"What's the matter Sara,not enough "babes" in your neck of the woods?"

Smirking,Sara responded,"Business,and you?"
Elektra:"Always business...I hope you forgave me
for the other night?It wasn't personal,you know."

Sara:"I know...business"

"So,what are you looking for tonight?
A blonde...tall?"
Elektra said sipping on her drink.
Sara:"Alot of questions tonight..huh?"

Elektra:"Only because I'm interested,just don't want to step on any toes in the process.
You know how that can get messy."

Sara:"Everything that you come in touch with becomes messy"

Elektra:"Sara,if I didn't know you better,I would believe,you were talking about us."

Sara crossed her arms and arched her left eyebrow,"What the hell are you talking about?
Not everything is about you,your not the center of everyone's world,well except whathisname....Matt?"

Elektra:"That was in my past,and I've told you that.
Maybe if you had opened up,ever think things might have been different?"

Sara:"Oh..I can't believe this.I'm not here to talk about me or you,come to think of it."
Elektra sipped her drink and sighed,"Can't we for once work together?
We're both after the same thing..getting her off the streets of New York."

Sara:"I want her arrested and you want to kill her.
How the hell is that wanting the same thing?"
Elektra laughed,reached out and touched Sara's hand.

Elektra:"I'm not the one running around with a sword attached to my arm
in the shape of a bracelet,sweetie."
Sara moved her hand from Elektra's grasp.

Elektra:"Hmmmmm...I seem to have hit a sore spot.
So,how's that long, haired freak,that's been stalking you?"
As Elektra took another sip from her drink.

Sara started to rise from her chair and turned to head towards the door.
When Elektra in a matter-of- fact way said,
"Hey Pezz,I'm going to find her first,
and kill her.Because that's what I'm being paid
to do...it's business,nothing personal."

Totally frustrated that she was no closer to
finding this Callisto character than she was when the
case was first dropped on her desk that morning.
Sara Pezzini decided to call it a night and head home.
After dropping a majority of her clothes in
the hallway.
In her bathrobe,Sara started heading towards the shower,
when the phone rang.
"I really need to get a caller id",she said before answering the phone.

I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time."

Sara:"What is this Bram Stokers nightmare?

Elektra:"Always the jokester....seriously,
if your busy I can talk tomorrow."

Sara:"No...go ahead
Elektra:"I just wanted to apologize for this evening..

Sara:"Ummmmm...ok...that it?"

Elektra:"Well,you know I should really talk to you..face to face"
Sara hesitated,and was silent.
"Sara?You still there?" Elektra asked.

Sara:"Yeah..you just blew me away for a minute."

Elektra:"I just feel like crap,my attitude and I want to
give you the info I have..but not over the phone."
Sara:"So,what are you saying?
You want come over?

Elektra held the phone silently for a moment,"Yeah,if it's ok with you?"

Sara:"Ok,don't be too long,some of us have to work in the morning."
Before Sara could finish her sentence,the phone
had went dead at the other end.
Sara shaked her head and headed towards the bathroom,
there was sudden knock at the door.
Sara peeked through the peep hole and
saw it was Elektra.Sara thought to herself and chuckled,shit that was fast,
what she do...hop on her broom?
Sara went over to the door and unlocked it,Elektra smiled and came in.
Elektra was wearing a red,fitted baby doll t-shirt and black slacks.
Sara:"Well,I hope this won't take long..."
Before Sara could finish her sentence,Elektra turned and softly kissed her on her lips.
Sara totally shocked by this change of events
and little pissed,backed away and said "What the hell was that all about?"

Elektra:"Oh come off it Sara,you've been wanting me to kiss you
since our last encounter.You could have killed me
as easily as I could have killed you,but you didn't,I didn't."
Sara:"You know maybe this was a bad idea.."
Elektra:"No,I think this needs to be put out on the table finally.
Do you love me?"


Elektra:"Do you love me?
Do you sit around at home when your alone
and think about me?"
Sara started to feel uneasy and looked at Elektra,she wanted to
say something,anything at this point.But the
words wouldn't come out of her mouth.
Elektra:"I think about you Sara,I think about your eyes.."

Sara:"Ok...stop..stop..I see what your
trying to do,you don't have any information for me.
You want what ever information I have...."

Elektra slowly placed her hands on Sara's hips and drew her closer to her
Elektra:"Sara,I think I'm falling in love with you.
I don't why,I don't even know how it happened.
I do know I think about you all the time.
Wanting to pick up the phone,when I'm in
town to ask if I can come see you."

Sara gently placed her finger over Elektra's lips
and said "Sshhh,stop talking and just kiss me."



Startled by the loud pounding at her door,Sara jumped out of bed.
Throwing on her NYPD gym shorts and white tank top,
she picked up her glock from the end table and headed towards the door.

Jake:"Pezz,it's Jake!"

"For the love of Pete.." she said as she unlocked the door.
Sara:"What are you doing here?"

"Who's Pete?
Whoa...rough night?" he asked with a sly smirk,
"I've had nights like that,one thing leads to.."

"What are you doing here?" Sara asked while rubbing her eyes.

Jake:"You didn't come back to the house,I was worried."

Sara:"I think by now,you should
know I can handle myself and when I'm working on a
case,I prefer to stay on the streets.
My contacts are on the street not at the precinct,Jake."

Jake:"Ummmm,ok,well I guess your alright,
so how was the date?"

Sara:"The what???

Jake started looking around the apartment,
noticing the sheets on the floor and a red sash on the pillow.
Jake:"I'm assuming you had a date last night..."

"Ok,surfer boy,time for you to go" she said as she motioned Jake out the door.

Jake:"C'mon Pezz,I'm your partner,you can tell me...."

What I do in my apartment is my business.
And thanks for checking up on me..."
She started closing the door when Jake blurted out,
"You know there's a pool that your...you know..."

Sara rolled her eyes and responded,"What else is new?"

A little taken back by Sara's calmness with what he had just told her.
Jake:"Well,you can clear it up,I can put those rumors to rest."

Sara:"What did you bet?"

Jake:"Strictly dudes.....

Sara:"Oh..really..seen me with any lately?"

Sara closed the door,leaving Jake standing outside her apartment,confused.
Sara hurried towards the shower,when she noticed a paper, next to the red sash on her pillow.

Thanks for a wonderful evening,it was
everything I've ever dreamed about and more.
Be at the south side,pier number 14,by noon,today.
You will find Callisto
But remember I still have a job to do
All My Love,

Sara headed towards her motorcycle,when a shadowy,long haired figure approached her from behind.

Ian Nottingham:"Sara.."
Sara turned around a little startled,"I really wish you wouldn't do that!" she said sternly.

Ian Nottingham:"Let this one go,Sara."

Sara:"What are you talking about?"

Sara:"This case,Callisto,your heading to find her,aren't you?
Your friend isn't what she seems..."

Sara:"My friend?

"The female..." Ian responded with his eyes looking towards the ground.

Sara:"Are you watching me in my apartment now??"
Sara started walking again towards her motorcycle,
Ian grabbed her shoulder.

Sara:"What are you,on a suicide mission,also?"
The bracelet started to glow a bright red.

Ian:"No,Sara...but I most warn you about your friend.
Elektra once defined herself by the
men in her life.When her father was killed
she fell into darkness.
She is incapable of loving you Sara,
unlike myself.She uses her powerful martial arts
abilities to become a master assassin.
She is now torn between her blood lust and reversing all
wrongs with you,Sara."

Sara:"You're the one I should be worried about,not Elektra."

Ian:"I would never hurt you Sara,
start trusting the Witchblade,
if you choose not to trust me...
Your victims,all males,all prostitutes,all your
victims had one thing in common
they all came in contact with Callisto.
She will continue killing until she is
caught or dies,
you must not worry now
in why she is doing this.
For that answer will come
later,for she
is a killer with a high level
of pure evil in her heart.
Which will make her harder to catch....
You must trust the Witchblade,Sara"

The bracelet on Sara's arm didn't
throb often but it was starting now.
"Let's make a deal...you stop
following me and I won't put
my fist down your throat." Sara told Ian.
Sara turned and headed towards her motorcycle.
As quickly as Ian had appeared,he had vanished.


Sara stood outside the warehouse,it had
started raining shortly after
she had left her apartment.
The sky had become dark,as the sound
of thunder came closer.

"Not a good sign" Sara thought to herself.
As she made her way around the
back of the warehouse towards the window,she needed to get
a closer look inside.She made her way through
the pile of boxes,old scrap machinery and old tires.
She could see a few of Callisto's henchmen,loading up two vans.
As she looked around,she noticed a figure
that was chained to a crucifix.
"Son-of-a-bitch,what the hell is going on here?"she said to herself.
Unaware to Sara,a figure was slowly making
his way towards her.Before Sara could turn around,
he had her in a headlock."Move,and I'll snap your neck..pretty lady."

The Witchblade beated slowly on her wrist.

She must have passed out,when she came to,it seemed as though,time had passed.
A little confused,Sara was standing in a room,
that looked like it was being prepared for some sort of ritual.
"I'm not in the mood for this...I'm really not" Sara said out loud.

"Good to know that" Callisto responded behind her.
Sara turned around,"So,your the one making my job harder?"Sara asked.
Callisto emerged from the shadows."Hello Sara,we've been waiting for you."

Sara:"Who the hell is we?"

Callisto:"Your friend and I...we've had a nice chat about you."

Sara:"Who are you talking about?"

Callisto:"Your little friend,the one who was sent here
to kill me,of course."

Sara:"I don't have any friends...let's cut
to the chase,your under arrest for..."
Callisto started laughing,
"Pretty lady,your in no postion to
be spewing out orders...."

Callisto:"This is what's going to happen,I'm going to kill you
and take the Witchblade.
Or maybe I'll take the Witchblade,and than kill you?"

Sara:"Actually,I've growned fond of my little bracelet.So,let's try something else?"

Callisto:"Your going to make this difficult,I see.
I know the powers that have been given to you.
I also have powers of my own,I need the Witchblade to complete my powers."

Sara:"Huh? What kind of drugs are you on,lady?"

Callisto:"Enough of this small talk!
KROG..bring the sacrifice in..NOW!!"

As the sound of chains dragged across the ground,
Callisto's henchmen dragged in a badly beaten Elektra.
"Where do you want her,my lady?"
Callisto pointed to Sara's feet,"Drop her there."
A bloodied,limp Elektra was dropped at her feet.Sara dropped to her knees
and cradled Elektra's head.
No response
Sara looked back up at Callisto,"You bitch!"screamed Sara.
"Oh...spare me the
lovey dovey crap,
you actually feel something
for an assassin,a
professionally trained killer?"Callisto responded.

Sara still couldn't believe this was her friend,
badly beaten,barely alive,
until Elektra whispered,"Hey you..what took you so long?"

Sara held her closer,as a tear came down her cheek.

"I fucked up,Sara."

"Sshh..save your energy.I'll take care of this."



"Your crying?"

Sara smiled nervously as she
wiped her face with her hand.

"Always the jokester" whispered Elektra.

"Oh,cry me a river."Callisto
snarled,as she motioned to KROG
to get a hold of Sara.
"You can let her go,it's me
that you want."

Callisto looked at Sara,
"Still trying to save everyone
else,except yourself.Newsflash..
Sara Pezzini..though your friend
was paid to kill me.She was
was paid much more to trap you!"

This story will be completed shortly...thank you for your patience..Lauryn2000

You can see Elektra in theaters Feb 2003
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